Heavenly Honey Farm
 Pure & Natural from the Bees to You   

Hello. Our names are Robert and Tamara Bennett and we own Heavenly Honey Farm.   We took over from Gary Violette.  As a beekeeper (Robert), I have hives Puyallup, Sumner, and Maple Valley, Washington.  I also have beekeeper friends that have hives in McMinnville, Or. My customers love local honey so, I keep bees in all of these places.  

My bees are kept utilizing Natural Methods.
Organic certification with bees flying 2-3 miles over certified organic fields only, is near impossible in the US. This is what organic certification is guaranteeing with organic honey. 

So the only option is to trust the bees not to bring back poison to feed their young ( yes, for the most part we can trust them), and to eliminate non organic practices in the hive.

Our hives are pure and natural without these contaminants, but not certified organic. We place the bees on farms with organic farming practices, and watch nearby fields for spray and close them up whenever necessary. We don't move them for pollination fees, and focus instead on quality honey.

We sometimes lose a lot of bees, and have a lot of dead bee hives with this method, but the alternative is to introduce pyrethrins, and other pesticides into the hive. This stresses the hive, contaminates the wax and honey, and eventually contributes to the problems we have today with honeybee viability.