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 Blackberry Honey is the Pacific Northwest premier honey crop. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have an abundance of blackberry bushes. Blackberry Honey is raw honey, not artificially flavored or processed in any way. 

I manage my hives to be at maximum strength during the first weeks of June to take advantage of the enormous wild blackberry bloom. The bees collect the nectar and bring it back to the hive to make honey. By giving them a box or super of empty comb to fill, I can gather this single source variety of honey. The bees bring more to the hive than they need to over winter. I take their abundance, and maintaining the temperature of the hive, I extract it from the comb and let it settle. The impurities float to the top of the vat where it is skimmed off. The resulting honey is pure, raw, unprocessed honey, brought straight from the bees to you.

We are lucky to have Blackberry Honey available in quantities that allow the majority of people in the Pacific Northwest to taste this variety of honey. It is light amber, in color sweet, flavorful, and buttery. I have tasted many varieties of honey and still, Blackberry is my favorite

Red Clover Honey is comes from bees that frequent red clover fields. Red Clover Honey has a flavor that is unique to its source of nectar. Red Clover is different from White Clover in that it has more flavor. There is a distinct floral note that comes through. This is my mildest honey. Red Clover Honey is comfort honey. You know what to expect, and after you taste it you will be relieved to find it better than you expected. It is great on ice cream.

Wildflower Honey is very sweet honey. A person would need less in their tea to make it equally sweet, compared to clover honey. This honey is all of the nectar that the bees collect from all nectar sources up till June 1st. This includes maple trees, dandelions, cottonwood, apple, cherry, plum , and even some ornamental urban flowers. It is a mixture of everything that blooms all spring. It is darker and stronger flavored than the other honey varieties I produce. This is excellent for mead making, as well as for toast or tea.
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